Accreditations and certifications

The system of quality management is certified according to ISO 9001. Our company has had this certification since 2001.

Regarding our quality systems, our company has a system of quality management certified as ISO 9001.

Since April 2015, Tecnoprocesos has ENAC accreditation as a testing laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025 for the testing of qualification of clean rooms and controlled environments. It is a tool that supports our expertise and gives recognition to our services on an international scale. Thanks to this seal of approval, the quality of the products and services is recognized by an external entity that ensures the safety and traceability of them, bringing added value to the tests and reducing the costs of audits for all of our clients.

 Certifications and accreditations build confidence in our services

With the proper functioning of a transparent and quality-oriented market in Europe as the objective, the ENAC is a guarantee of reliability in methods and results. Clients can easily recognize documents issued as a result of accredited activities (test report, certificate, etc.).
(See Technical Accreditation Annex 1137/LE2183 in the quality section).